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Via Verde is truly a community built for the masses. It defines simple and thrifty living in the simplest understandable form. First, it requires a small amount for down payment – an amount that can be easily raised by any middle class working Filipino. It qualifies to the house for the masses because residents are able to cut 50% of their electric consumption because of the solar panels which provide green and renewable energy. To put flesh to words, a regular household would normally pay P2,000 to P2,400 a month. With 50% savings, a household is able to save P1,000 to P1,200 a month, that would easily sum up to P12,000 to P14,200 a year. This is the kind of savings you don’t easily get in any of the housing projects in the Philippines.

The brilliance of IHC to produce these types of communities is unparalleled by any definition. These eco-friendly houses are far more useful and efficient that the rest you can find out there. No less than the Climate Change Commission have all the nice words to praise the existence of this community. This is a complete change of lifestyle and behavior among Filipino families, and proudly, that change has been pioneered by Via Verde in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

We believe that you have a lot of questions at the back of your mind after reading the foregoing information. We challenge you to take part in this quest for a healthier life and a cleaner environment. Call us now! We have the best acquisition package you can’t simply resist.

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