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Via Verde is the first and by far, the only housing in the Philippines that has its own built-in power renewable power supply in the form of solar cells, making it the first “green community”, thus the name “verde” which means green. The solar panels are part of the entire package, which means it is free and our existing options on how to quickly acquire these row houses are extremely affordable.

Housing units are fully furnished upon turn over so you would expect your walls to be painted, doors are provided with steel-based materials, the floors including the toilet and the bathrooms are fully covered with ceramic tiles. The two bedrooms are divided with vinyl floorings. The kitchen and the top is with ceramic tiles. Despite its limited spaces, the kitchen is designed and arranged in such a way that it would look spacious. The front part of the house has a provision for a single parking.

The beautiful façade, the spacious modern interior and the use of solar panels to provide at least 500 watts electrical power to each house is inspired from Denmark’s housing projects which earned them “zero carbon emission” recognition from international award giving bodies. With the perseverance of the Imperial Group, despite massive dissuasions from allies and partners, Via Verde is the first and the only residential project in the Philippines awarded by International Finance Corporation’s “Excellent Design for Greater Efficiency” (EDGE) Certification.

IHC used the cement boards as base for the solar panels, doubling the efficiency and ecological usefulness of materials which are normally called trash. Each houses were also installed with water efficient faucets. A specially designed faucet that releases a much regulated volume of water, allowing residents to help conserve water for the environment while making enough saving on their water utility bills. To further lower or zero out the cost of air conditioning, windows with crystal panes were installed on all sides, whenever possible, of the house. This allows efficient cross ventilation to cool down the temperature within. IHC is brilliant enough to provide a calculation that if the remaining 3Million backlog on housing will be built with similar solar panels, the country will be able to contribute massive savings of $1.4B in fossil fuel usage and roughly 941 tons reduction in the carbon dioxide emission thereby reducing carbon footprints of the world.

The simple 500 watts free electricity from the solar panels can operate your 6 cubic feet refrigerator for 7 hours, 4 hours of non-stop operation of your 20 inch flat screen TV plus 5 hours non-stop usage of electric fan. That would substantially cut the electricity bill of all houses to about 50%. With about a thousand unit of these row houses to be built at Via Verde, just imagine how massive and how huge will this community’s contribution be to the effort of reducing our carbon footprint?

These eco-friendly houses are available with PAG-IBIG’s housing loan project. If you signify your intention to avail any of these available units, our team would be very happy to assist you moving forward.

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